ICT Usage, Mobile Money and Financial Access of Women in Ghana

Evans S. Osabuohien
Covenant University

Alhassan A. Karakara
University of Cape Coast



Women are the more disadvantaged and vulnerable compared to men, especially in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA). Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and financial access towomen areessential in enhancing economic growth and development. We used two datasets (Ghana Demographic and Health Survey andthe World Bank Financial Inclusion) for the analysis. Descriptive statistics and econometric techniques (binary logistic as well as binary probit approaches) were used to examine both individuals’and households’ access to ICTs and financial activities for Ghanaian women in comparison to men. The results, inter alia, show the likelihood of women having advantage in access to mobile phone as well as saving with mobile money. Thus, it is recommended that efforts should be geared towards the provision of mobile phones (and other ICTs) to women to help them to be financially included to achieve development. Download the full article