Navigating Africa’s Development Agenda

Brenton Lee Lalu
Africa Investment Specialist



Africa has recorded strong economic growth over the last three decades, predominately benefitting from the commodity super cycle. However, its dependency on commodities grew rapidly. Now, Africa is ready for economic transformation. Several key investment themes have emerged beyond the extractive sectors. The article explores three crucial themes that are imperative for the continent to achieve selfsustained and inclusive economic growth and development. These are infrastructure development, of which a substantial gap needs to be bridged. Secondly, industrialization, where Africa needs to transition to the value adding manufacturing sector. Finally, intra-Africa trade, where continental networks of trade and investment should be enhanced to foster integration. Though, responsibility of the development agenda should be equally shared amongst policy makers, governments and investors to reduce the silos and work collaboratively. Investors may face many challenges on the continent, though should equally implement investment strategies congruent of the risks involved. Download the full article